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Jewelry Appraisals & Transactions in Your Own Home

Get your old jewelry appraised and sold any time of day or night with Gold Train Inc. of San Antonio, Texas. Available for you 24 hours a day, we give you cash for gold, cash for silver, and make the process quick and easy by coming right to your home. Every step is handled immediately upon our arrival in most situations. Appraisals, payments, and even repairs, are all available with unbeatable convenience. Whether you're selling precious metals or stones, work with a company that always gives you the most.

Get the Value You Deserve

Don't waste time and lose money by going to a pawn shop when you've got jewelry to sell. Pawn shops give you a "loan" that's worth a fraction of your jewelry's value while they hold it hostage. We buy your unwanted items directly from you with offers that are often double of what pawn shops want to give you. With value matching for written quotes and a guarantee to beat any pawn shop's offer, you know we'll always give you the amount you deserve. If you need cash immediately, let us know and we'll have it on hand when we arrive.

On the Spot Appraisals & Purchases

From appraising your belongings to paying you with cash or a check, we prefer to take care of every step of our jewelry buyer's process right in front of you. We utilize a variety of appraisal techniques such as acid or filling tests and upon approval from the state the Olympus XRS X-Ray™, right in your home. You'll get to see the process from start to finish and know the validity of the results. For large quantities of jewelry, we provide a receipt of what we pick up and do the testing at our shop. You always get the true value based upon weight and inspection by our veteran gemologist.

Estate Jewelry, Jewelry on Display

Quick & Easy Accessory Repairs

If you've got a piece of jewelry that you love, but it's been damaged and needs repair, look no further for the most convenient way to fix your favorite accessory. We come right to your home and pick up the damaged item. After fixing it at our store, we bring your restored jewelry right back to you at your home.

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